Julia Ezra is not your average 17-year-old girl. Instead of spending time at the mall getting her nails done, you can find her in the barn covered in poultice.

Born into horse racing, Julia was watching races before she could talk. Her father is Daryl Ezra, a well-known trainer at the Fort Erie Race track. “Every day before I’d go to an afternoon kindergarten class, I had to watch the first at Tampa Bay Downs. I’d repeat “to take the first at Tampa,” as said by track announcer Grunder, quite often, I wouldn’t leave until I heard that famous call,” said Julia.

Before getting her first official groom license when she was 12 in 2016, she would cool out horses for her father after races and help poultice their legs. Julia started by grooming her mother’s horses. “It was really cool to me to have that responsibility,” said Julia. Learning everything she knows from her father over the years, her hard work paid off in 2018 when she was named “Groom of the Year” at Fort Erie. After years of grooming and groundwork, Julia asked her father if she could learn to gallop. Starting in 2019 at a training center over the winter, her father allowed her to jog horses. In 2020 she started galloping; from having little to no riding experience, Julia learned quickly.

Julia is now galloping full time for her father and acting as the “unofficial assistant” as she is too young to write her test. When she’s not on a horse or in the barn, she’s often researching, looking for ways she and her father can improve the horses. In 2020 Julia also set up a syndicate called “Double Blooded Stables” and will continue it for the upcoming 2021 season. So far, the syndicate has 19 members, most of them have never owned a racehorse before. Julia is looking forward to what the future has in store for her in the industry. “I plan to stay in the business; it’s what I was meant to do,” said Julia.

Interview Gate to Wire – Veronica Gizuk • May 28, 2021

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