Psychedelic Shack
Work Video
In his first serious work for the Clement barn, Psychedelic Shack worked in company at 5:30 yesterday morning on the Oklahoma Training Track in Saratoga.

The work, which we provided video for here, was designed for Psychedelic Shack to have a target to begin the breeze, thus the 3-year-old colt started slightly behind his stablemate, Shaima, a 3-year-old unraced daughter of Nyquist who has already breezed from the gate.

Psychedelic Shack quickly put himself on even terms with his partner and did so without any significant urging from his rider, and continued on eagerly and professionally with the breeze.

The time for the half-mile work was 49.71 seconds.

Back at the barn, Psychedelic Shack was blowing and eager to dive into the water bucket, an indication that he got something out of the work.

Both Miguel Clement and the exercise rider were pleased with the move.

“That was a serious work; I would expect to see him blowing,” Miguel said. “It’s good for him to have that type of work.”

Psychedelic Shack is now on target to have his first breeze from the starting gate for the Clement Team in his next work.

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