July 28, 2021


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RACING CLUB $25.00 per month

FANS OF HORSE RACING we enjoy our time communicating with our followers.

However, we felt we would like to create a better experience for our followers, and thus we decided to create a club.

Our followers vary from fans to experienced people in the industry. However, every one of our followers is involved in parts of the game, but they have not had the opportunity to enjoy the full spectrum.

The CLUB will involve you in horse racing in as many aspects as possible and enhance your experience.


FANS OF HORSE RACING believes in the Fractional ownership style of owning a racehorse. This is a way for people to be involved in the sport without investing a lot of money and with having a secure investment that does not require further payments after the investment.

We have invested in several horses, which will now become your Fantasy Stable. You can follow along with the careers of our horses. These are minimal ownership stakes we have, but you will learn how to become an owner through articles we write and those coming from the stables.

We will introduce you to the many Fractional Stables in the world of Horse Racing and assist you in purchasing your first ownership share of a horse if you are interested.

We have owned many horses over the last 40-Years in larger percentages. If you desire to invest with a smaller group of people in a partnership involving more financial investment, we can direct you to good people and trainers to purchase larger shares in horses.


You will have the opportunity to follow along with FOHR in horses we purchase and become part of our fantasy stable. Our goal is to involve you in the ownership of horses.


Fans of Horse racing is a fractional owner of AUTHENTIC, Kentucky Derby Winner, and Breeders Cup Winner. Now standing at STUD, you will get to follow his life and that of his offspring as they enter the Horse Racing Game.


He is a three-year-old that has raced with varying results but showing good potential. You will see several updates in our club posts private to our members. TRAINED by Richard Mandella is testing for a small injury diagnosis, and then we will receive updates.


She is a three-year-old also trained by Christophe Clement, likely to race next on June 26th. More updates will be given in our private Club Posts. TRAINED by Christophe Clement


He is a young horse preparing to race, and you will see several updates in our club posts private to our members. TRAINED by Christophe Clement


He is a three-year-old horse that has raced well with a second and third back in January and then, unfortunately, had a 7th in April. He is training back now for a future start.

You will learn about and cheer for them when they Race. We will have posts on all the horses in our Club Private Posts on the Website.

We are here to assist you with any questions you have about ownership, otherwise enjoy following our horses.


You will enjoy a FREE membership in the FANS OF HORSE RACING VIP Club that provides horse selections every day from FOHR co-owner Joey Hetherman a Professional Handicapper and Tournament Player.

We also have guest handicappers that occasionally drop in with some selections for you. You are automatically a member once you become an official member of the FANS OF HORSE RACING Club.

The VIP Club typically charges $50.00 per month with discounts for longer periods, but you will have FREE membership as part of the FANS OF HORSE RACING CLUB. This gives you the Handicapping service for less money than if you were only in the Handicapping Club.

You will also receive our e-book called the TRAINERS SECRET (Retail $19.99), one of the key Handicapping tools Joey uses regularly. Joey will also publish handicapping articles in our private posts with some of his secrets that you can use if you like to handicap the races yourself.

Although we will have FANS OF HORSE RACING’s own Joey Hetherman is providing you with selections, we know many fans like to find their own selections. Joey will be posting to our private Club Posts with angles he uses to select his horses.

SPECIAL BONUSEach month $10.00 of your membership fee will be invested with all the other members to participate in a PICK 6 POOL chosen by VIP Manager Joey Hetherman. The more members the more we can invest in a ticket each month. Winnings (if we win) will be shared amongst all the members. We will look for guaranteed payout carry-overs each month.

Hope we can win one of these!!

Belmont Park pick six hit for $286K

The Belmont Park pick six was hit for $286,274 on Sunday. It is a $1 minimum bet. 

The sequence opened with Money In the Bank (6) winning the fourth race, and paying $5.50. The fifth went to Beautiful Lover (4), who returned $6.80). The sixth was won by Bar Fourteen (4), who paid $4.10. The seventh went to Mr. Phil (3), who returned $12.80. The eighth went to Megacity (5), who paid $86.50 and the ninth to Calibogee (5), who paid $20.40.


The CLUB MEMBERS will receive 20% of all FANS OF HORSE RACING customer logo wear on Shopify.

We will also be adding discounts by track and city of each track as we move forward. We will try and get you Free Programs, admission discounts, etc., with Racetracks, but of course, the volume of people will drive getting some of these discounts. As members join, we will contact local tracks based on the locations of members to get discounts.


As our membership grows, we will be planning visits to tracks. We will invite our members who can attend, and we will rent a room at the track for us to gather and meet each other. These will be pay as you go, but we will organize for the whole group. We will communicate when we can arrange these visits.

We will also work to obtain discounts from local restaurants, such as other retailers in the track area.

Our goal is to provide enough discounts to pay for your membership and even more.

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