You will enjoy a FREE  membership in the FANS OF HORSE RACING VIP CLUB. 

Here you can follow along with the horses owned by FOHR. We are huge fans of partial ownership and you will see updates on the horses we have bought into through our posts. 

We encourage our Fans to get involved in the sport through Horse Ownership. We will be including many options in our posts so you can learn about the companies that you can join to be part of this great sport. 

  • Racehorse ownership made easy.
  • Buy as little as 1% of a racehorse and experience 100% of the thrill in our award-winning fractional ownership stable.
  • Easy, accessible & affordable • Fun, interactive & entertaining

Here’s How You Do It

  • Browse THE HORSES. See photos, videos & prices

  • Select a horse. Buy as little as 1% and pay online

  • Receive a full-access account. Pay a monthly fee

  • Buy and sell your fractions at any time within your account

  • Questions? Connect with us

Here’s What You Get

  • Communication: Emails, videos, photos, webinars.
  • Live Access: Visit your horse at the barn any time.
  • Remote access: Bi-weekly Livestream training broadcasts.
  • Community: Client events and solid social media.
  • Care: Great service whether you own 1% or 100%.
  • Money: You receive your % of the horse’s purse earnings.


My Racehorse – Thoroughbred Racehorses

  • Affordable Race Horse Ownership
  • With Micro-Shares you can compete at the highest level for a fraction of the cost
  • One Time Investment – No additional investments are ever required
  • Still, have questions? Check out our FAQ & Instructional Video 


Race  Day Privileges

  • Educational, entertaining, behind the scenes content
  • Access to exclusive events with industry leaders
  • Race winnings paid directly to your online account
  • Updates, race entries, and recaps in the palm of your hand
  • Visits to racing stables, farms & training facilities



The CLUB MEMBERS will receive 20% of all FANS OF HORSE RACING customer logo wear.

We will also be adding discounts by track and city of each track as we move forward. We will try and get you Free Programs, admission discounts, etc., with Racetracks, but of course, the volume of people will drive getting some of these discounts. As members join, we will contact local tracks based on the locations of members to get discounts.