You will enjoy a FREE  membership in the FANS OF HORSE RACING VIP CLUB that provides horse selections every day from FOHR co-owner Joey Hetherman a Professional Handicapper and Tournament Player.

Although we will have FANS OF HORSE RACING’s own Joey Hetherman providing you with selections, we know many fans like to find their own selections. Joey will be posting to our private Club Posts with angles he uses to select his horses.

ANGLE #1 –


The CLUB MEMBERS will receive 20% of all FANS OF HORSE RACING customer logo wear.

We will also be adding discounts by track and city of each track as we move forward. We will try and get you Free Programs, admission discounts, etc., with Racetracks, but of course, the volume of people will drive getting some of these discounts. As members join, we will contact local tracks based on the locations of members to get discounts.