FEBRUARY 13, 2021 by Angela Beauregard, Organizer SEE GO FUND ME PAGE AND DONATE PLEASE. t.ly/32L9
Shannon had her five-month follow-up with her surgeon a little early (4months 3weeks).
The surgeon was in speed at which she is recovering. He was pleased with the way things were going and healing. That everything was looking good with her bones, that nothing has shifted. They are the way they are going to be.He mentioned that she is one month ahead in her recovery progress and what is expected of most patients. She is walking and can even do stairs now without much pain. Simultaneously, most people would be just beginning to consider walking without their walker at the five-month marker.

She had surgery on her left wrist, and it is healing well. She will be having surgery on her right wrist at the end of February 2021.

Even though it is a long and slow process, she moves forward and is motivated to heal with a very positive attitude and outlook.

She wants to thank everyone once again for all the help and support. Shannon wishes everyone good health physically and mentally during this pandemic.

51479232_160144213884236_r.jpegHello my name is Angela and I am Shannon Beauregard’s oldest sister.

The reason for this fundraiser is to ask for help and support for my sister. She was in a season-ending accident at Century Mile race track on  September 18, 2020.

Shannon was in the third race almost at the finish line, leading by 3 horse lengths. Her horse went down. She was thrown and run
over by the oncoming horse. Sustaining multiple injuries. Shattering her pelvis,  breaking her tailbone and breaking her hip.

She was rushed to the hospital.  It took 4
days for the surgical team of orthopedic surgeons and a pelvic specialist to operate. The surgery did not go as planned.

They were not able to use screws as her bones were too small. Electing to use a “Halo” system instead to hold her together.  They inserted metal rods into
either side of her hip from the outside of her body. A large screw was placed in the back of her pelvis.


She is suffering and in excruciating pain. The doctors are working very hard to control or manage her pain.  She has doses of pain medication available every 6 mins.

She will not even be able to consider looking at the possibility of walking again for a  minimum of at least three months.

Shannon will inevitably require being admitted into a rehabilitation Center.

The road to recovery will be extremely long, difficult and financially taxing.

Shannon will be unable to care for herself,  work or support herself for an undetermined period of time.

She will require financial assistance and support in many areas such as;

Rehabilitation and equipment costs,
loss of income,
insurance fees,
medical fees,
physiological therapy,
living expenses (Rent, food…..etc.)

Shannon has a heart of gold.
She is kind-hearted, loving and a very considerate woman. Always thinking of others.

Helping in any way she can.   One of her
favourite memories,  was when she was able to help a very ill little girl, realize her dream to meet “Shannon Beauregard a girl jockey” through a  “Wish Foundation”.  They spent a  wonderful and memorable day together at the race track.


Shannon has a passion for horses and racing them.  She becomes one with the horse when she rides. Shannon has been living her dream racing and riding horses.

Shannon has shown so much support in the racing community.

I am asking for your help and financial support at this time of need.

It would be greatly appreciated.
Every dollar counts. No amount is too small whether it is 5$ or 20$.

To help get the word out kindly share this.   “GoFundMe” Fundraiser on your Facebook timeline.  As well as any other social media networks or platforms.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, in advance for your love and support.

Angela Beauregard

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